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Individual therapy

I offer weekly Individual DBT sessions to work on increasing effective behavioural strategies and decreasing problematic behaviours.

I've also been trained personally by Professor Thomas Lynch the founder of Radically Open DBT for Over-controlled presentations underpinned by excessive self-control (perfectionism, obsessive compulsive personality, anorexia nervosa, autistic spectrum and treatment resistance depression and anxiety) To find out more click here. 

I offer Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy sessions.

Group Therapy - Skills Class

Intensive 18 Week DBT skills class (zoom and in person - contact Dr Vik for more details) 


I offer successful DBT workshops at my clinic in Harley Street London with an approach of “if you cannot tolerate you cannot regulate”


The DBT is a programme that offers skills across the four core modules outlined by Dr Linehan.

Distress Tolerance: focuses on reality acceptance skills, findings effective skills to tolerate difficult emotions and urges without engaging in problem behaviours such as self-harm, conflict or impulsive behaviours and substance misuse.


Emotion Regulation: centres around the psychoeducation of emotion management and the function of why as human we have emotions. This module helps to change emotional responses in line with the life you want to live.


Interpersonal effectiveness: teaches strategies to resolve/avoid conflict, increase self-respect and asserting oneself. This module aims to teach how to maintain and dissolve difficult relationships as well as reinforcement strategies for behaviour change.


Mindfulness: increases your level of awareness and helps to identify thoughts and emotions to avoid engaging with problematic behaviours. Mindfulness techniques also will help you to increase pleasant events/emotions and reduce reactivity levels.

*Please note this is not a group where your personal life events would be shared, however a place to learn skills only. You are not required to share personal information.

Upcoming events: 

I will be introducing new workshops to my clinic in the near future, keep an eye out and don't miss the opportunity! 


Radically Open DBT programme skills workshop 

Also introducing...
12 week emotion regulation group 
6 week distress tolerance group


You can contact me to find out more or to discuss with me the most suitable treatment plan for you, whether that be one to one sessions alongside DBT skills class or DBT skills class.


Prior to starting your treatment with Dr Vik you will receive a care plan that best suits your need and designed with you to reduce problematic behaviours. 


Individual appointments:

Weekly individual sessions: £150


Group appointments:

18 week intensive DBT Skills work – ‘living the best version of yourself’ - £1620 (£90 for 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Every one to one consultation with Dr Vik is charged as an individual session.

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My Approach
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