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Vik Patel was a wonderful instructor and teacher. Always offering astute observations and skills that could be applied in the real world. I found him to be warm, compassionate and ultimately, human.

Of all the therapists and therapy I have experiences over the last 10 years, DBT has been the most helpful. I no longer have a feeling of dread or a feeling of loss. I know where my ship is sailing and I know I have the right skills and tools to get me there. My journey will never be over and every day there is work to be done but when I know the results are so rewarding it does not feel like work at all. With wind in my sails and a horizon ahead of me, the future is now exciting.

I've never been in a group setting to talk about therapy and my mental health...Dr Patel was informative and engaging as the lead therapist, he was easy to contact during the week when we had questions about our homework.

The skills workshop has really helped me start university on the right path, and has shifted the way I think about the future. I have a sense of peace that comes from within, knowing that I'm grounded in my values and in control of my own life. The stresses from the world don't overwhelm me so much and I feel like I've been given the skills to make decisions and follow through with them. Thank you so much for your time and teaching....

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